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Why choose 1218 Global?

1218 Global provides access to skilled consultants throughout the globe, with their regional offices in USA, EMEA and APAC. 1218 specialize in innovative, multi-point solutions on a variety of technology platforms. 1218 possess extensive knowledge across multitude of industry verticals and understand the business processes around them. Following Agile methodologies and principles, we provide end-to-end services in the strategy, design and development and digital solutions.

1218 Global makes it quick and easy for businesses to facilitate their customers and employees by the Freshworks services. We do this by taking a new approach to developing and delivering software as a service that is affordable, quick to implement, and designed with the end user in mind. Unlike legacy software, we build Freshworks technology that works for everyone, making it easier for IT, customer service, sales, marketing, and HR to do their jobs and delight their customers.

Partnering with 1218 Global can lead to accelerated business growth for you and pleasure made easy for your customers. It is a winning triumph!

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